Live School Assembly Programs

For over thirty years Terry Vandeventer and his Living Reptile Museum Educational Productions have been presenting quality school assembly programs throughout Mississippi and Louisiana.

Excitement reaches a peak when students discover that the “Snake Man” is returning for a visit. These highly acclaimed, award-winning programs present snakes in an entirely new light. No longer are snakes seen as evil creatures but instead, as the elegant, beautiful and helpful animals that they truly are.

Most snakes are completely harmless. All are fascinating and beneficial to people. Venomous snakes however, present a very real hazard to people engaging in outdoor activities in the South. Rules of behavior, non-technical statistics and imaginative scenarios educate the audience on how best to avoid a painful or even fatal snakebite.

Addresses State Science Objectives

Our assemblies move at a lively pace, promoting an understanding and appreciation for snakes and all wildlife. Positive and factual information about snakes is presented in conjunction with live specimens. Natural history, positive benefits to mankind, and the all-important topic of safety around snakes are covered. Vocabulary words and biological concepts are appropriate for each age group in attendance.

The Mississippi Science Framework Revision Team recommendations include 1) Elementary science education is essential. The concepts, principles, processes, and skills must be acquired in order to comprehend what students see, hear, read and interpret. Science at the elementary level can be used to enhance reading comprehension and should be a central, integrated part of elementary education. 2) More resources should be available for science teachers. Equipment, computer programs, primary or related documents, and other resources should be a part of a well-rounded science education program. School districts should promote the acquisition of appropriate outstanding educational resources.

Our assemblies program addresses Competency 3, Objective a in grades K-6, as well as Objectives c and e in most grades.

Professional and Safe

Live specimens are presented in a dignified, above-board fashion and are always under complete control. Our goal is to stimulate interest in the sciences and the natural world while illustrating the importance of snakes.

We come to you!

The Living Reptile Museum is a traveling educational program. This is a field trip where the students never leave the school. No busses. No permission forms. We are completely self-contained with sound system, advance advertisement materials, etc.

Each assembly lasts 45 minutes and is appropriate for grades K through 12. For groups larger than 500 we can present two assemblies back-to-back.


Cost is determined on a per-student basis and is very affordable. Generally the school has no monetary output. Additionally, opportunities exist for school fund raising.



Call for available dates
and additional details.
(601) 371-7414