Safety Programs

Safety Meetings

The Living Reptile Museum presents in-service safety training meetings for public utility companies, government agencies, and private businesses which have employees in the field as part of their job.

With personnel in the field, there is concern for all aspects of safety. Any number of accidents can result in injuries or death, pain and suffering, mental anguish, great expense and down-time. In the Deep South, it is snake season year-round, and employees need to be educated about the dangers of a chance encounter.

These safety meetings are presented in a professional and safe manner. Employees and management find them both enlightening and exciting. Drawing from fifty years of experience studying and working with venomous snakes, herpetologist Terry Vandeventer presents a memorable program.

The presentation is lively, fast moving, and often humorous. Live specimens are incorporated into a fascinating discussion on local snake species, their habits, benefits to mankind, and dangers to people (both real and perceived). The proper rules of engagement in the workplace are emphasized, as well as appropriate field attire and emergency first-aid procedures. During the program a variety of both harmless and venomous varieties are viewed. Beautiful autumn-colored copperheads, surly cottonmouths, and huge, majestic rattlesnakes are a few to take the stage, illustrating to the audience what snakes are really like!

Our live snake safety demonstrations are extremely popular at monthly safety meetings as well as large regional conferences.

Presentations are approximately one hour in length.


Hunter Safety Programs

Snakebite education is an important element for any sportsperson in the woods. Having a basic understanding of snakes goes a long way in assuring that people have a pleasant and safe experience while enjoying nature. In the Deep South, snakes can be encountered during any season. Safety rules apply to dangerous snakes just as they apply to the proper handling of a firearm, deer stand, or ATV.

The Living Reptile Museum presentations provide participants with useful information and safety rules in a live one-hour program. Starring in the presentation are live snakes native to the region. Harmless and venomous species are viewed and discussed in a lively professional manner. Their identification, habits, benefits to Mankind and potential dangers to the sportsman are reviewed. Proper field attire, safety rules, and first-aid procedures are all covered.

Herpetologist Terry Vandeventer has spent his life studying venomous snakes, and his experience is literally brought to the table in the form of harmless kingsnakes and ratsnakes as well as copperheads, cottonmouths, and huge, magnificent rattlesnakes. From the promoters to the youngsters to the seasoned hunters, all will benefit from this memorable experience.

Programs are approximately one hour long.



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