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Nothing draws more attention at nature festivals and outdoor shows than live snakes! Unfortunately, there exists a propensity for sensationalism in many commercial snake shows. Genuine education is pushed aside to make way for sensationalism, false statements, and dare-devil acts of “bravery.”

The Living Reptile Museum has been providing educational, family oriented presentations for over thirty years. Herpetologist Terry Vandeventer brings to the stage fifty years of experience and training to provide an award winning snake presentation which is exciting, insightful and entertaining for all ages.

During this hour-long program, Mr. Vandeventer brings out each snake individually. Every specimen is handled in a safe, professional manner, and is always under complete control. The presentation is lively, fast moving and often humorous. Many species are examined while discussing their physical characteristics, natural history, myths, benefits to mankind, and their roles in the public health scene. Positive attitudes about snakes are instilled through factual information provided in a fun and exciting manner. Special emphasis is placed on conservation of snakes and respect for all wildlife.

Venomous snakes offer a very real hazard to people in the outdoors. This danger, whether real or perceived, is something that all people should understand. During the program a variety of both harmless and venomous snakes are viewed and discussed. Beautiful autumn leaf-colored copperheads, surly cottonmouths, and huge, majestic rattlesnakes are a few to take the stage, illustrating to the audience what snakes are really like!

At the end of every program there is an opportunity for some of the younger audience members to come up on stage and help out the "Snake Man."

Programs are approximately one hour long.



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