Snakes at the Library!

The Living Reptile Museum presentations are the number one, most popular events at Summer Reading Programs throughout the Deep South. Record attendances often result when the young readers discover that the “Snake Man” is coming back for a visit.

Live snakes are presented in a dignified, fun and safe manner for all to see. Characteristics, life histories and benefits to mankind are covered as well as the all-important issues of safety.

Special emphasis is placed on species native to the Deep South that the children may have heard of, such as the Kingsnake that Grandpa never harmed or the Chickensnake that ate Grandmother’s eggs out in the hen house! Facts are presented, often in story-form, which both educates the viewers and stimulates their interest in reading.

The value of using their local public library is always promoted in the program.

The Living Reptile Museum Summer Reading Presentations are for ages six years and up. (Five years and younger are welcome but should sit with a parent.) Adult patrons of the library should be encouraged to attend when adequate room is available. The presentation runs approximately 45 minutes.

Because of the popularity of these summer presentations, I strongly encourage Children’s Librarians to book early to secure a summer date. Tuesdays and Thursdays in June fill up very quickly.



Call for available dates
and additional details.
(601) 371-7414