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Well-known herpetologist Terry Vandeventer is available to present his live, educational snake program to meetings, conferences, and corporate picnics. These exciting and memorable programs lend themselves to many venues and are enjoyed by both youngsters and adult audience viewers.

Everyone has feelings about snakes. We love them, and we hate them. We are afraid of them, but we are also drawn to them. No matter how we view snakes, they are always fascinating to us. Terry Vandeventer draws from fifty years of experience to bring your group a lively and informative presentation which will address many issues the public has with this most misunderstood of all animals.

Live snakes are examined and discussed. The program is fast moving, entertaining and often humorous. The live stars of the show are handled in a safe, professional manner, and are always under complete control. Topics such as natural history, myths, physical characteristics, benefits to mankind, and possible dangers are covered. And of course, safety rules and first-aid procedures are reviewed. At the end of each presentation there is always time for a few younger audience members to come up front to help out the "Snake Man."

Terry Vandeventer is Mississippi’s most widely recognized wildlife expert. He is owner of the Living Reptile Museum Educational Productions and has been presenting quality educational and family oriented programs for over thirty years.

Each program is approximately one hour long.



Call for available dates
and additional details.
(601) 371-7414