Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

You want WHO for your birthday party? “The Snake Man!”

Many parents have discovered that Terry Vandeventer and his Living Reptile Museum are the perfect choice for their child’s birthday celebration. The children know him from school, the library, and from other birthday parties! Herpetologist Terry Vandeventer is an authority on snakes and other reptiles and has been presenting his popular programs at birthday parties for over thirty years.

These programs are safe, lively, fun, and entertaining. And most of all, they are educational!  Parents appreciate the fact that their children will be taught respect for all wildlife as well as learning important safety rules.

Programs are approximately 45 minutes long and include time for photo opportunities. Terry can provide Mom with many useful tips to insure that their child’s party is both entertaining and memorable.

The Living Reptile Museum parties generally appeal to children ranging in age from five to twelve. Minimum age for the birthday child is five. All ages are welcome, but children under five should sit with Mom.

Don’t forget the girls! We do many “All girl – no boys allowed” birthday parties (Well, maybe a few boys can come!) Girls love snakes, too!

Standard fees are set for the immediate Jackson, MS area. Greater distances are priced accordingly.



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